Empura in your Commercial Kitchen provides
Quality, Reliability, and Durability for years

Choosing Empura Countertop Equipment means choosing Value that you can rely upon
When it comes to foodservice equipment, the pieces that are often overlooked are countertop appliances. Of course, full-sized ranges and refrigerators are important, but when it comes down to the daily creation of consistent, high- quality menu items, you absolutely rely upon your countertop equipment to be durable, efficient and easy to use little workhorses. Empura Countertop Equipment for restaurants and other foodservice establishments provides you with peace of mind, so that when you and your staff turn to use an Empura appliance, you know that it will
not fail and that it will reliably function every time you need it. On top of this reassurance, thanks to Empura Equipment's competitive pricing, you'll save money at your initial equipment purchase, meaning that you can invest in other areas of your foodservice business. With everything from panini grills and conveyor toasters, countertop ranges and food warmers, to griddles and fryers, Empura Equipment has the exact team of workhorses to pull your commercial kitchen forward to success!

Value equals High Quality at a Low Price
100-quality Every piece of Empura Equipment has been designed for efficiency and performance and then built to meet those precise standards, so that you get quality, reliability, and durability from the moment you receive your equipment.
satisfaction Empura Equipment is proud of its record of 100% customer satisfaction. When you purchase one of our equipment pieces, you get not only a high-quality product, but professional support as well.
ref_nsf_Up Huge Selection to Meet Your Needs: Empura equipment categories include countertop equipment for almost any foodservice business, from coffee shops and concessions to sandwich shops and self-serve buffet-style establishments, and everything in between.

Popular Empura Equipment

  • 3 tube and 5 tube floor fryers
  • 1- and 2-burner electric countertop buffet ranges
  • 20 qt. commercial mixer
  • 3-burner pourover coffee brewer
  • 1- and 2-burner coffee decanter warmers
  • 120 V conveyor toaster


NEW Empura Stackable Pizza Ovens - Stainless Steel


These new stackable stainless steel pizza ovens are ideal for foodservice establishments with limited space. The unit measures 23 inches wide by 25 inches deep by 21 inches high. Each durable oven has two removable ceramic hearth shelves for making pizzas, breads and other bakery products. Each shelf has a 3-1/4 inch deck height which is ample space for most food items. The pizza oven has a thermostat range starting at 284 degrees Fahrenheit up to 680 degrees Fahrenheit. For simple operation, each oven has an easy-to-use 15 minute continuous timer of the from of the unit and the oven comes with a 6-foot power cord.